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We’re PAK Rêve, and we don’t think anything should stop you from exploring the world around you. 

After her son was born, our globe-trotting founder Jordi—she’s visited all seven continents, including Antarctica at 21 weeks pregnant—realized travel looked a little different with a little one in tow. Turns out it doesn’t matter how exotic the location is: there’s no reality check like realizing your three-year-old is out of snacks.

With the help of a team of experienced designers and well-traveled parents, PAK Rêve was born. An all-in-one travel system for epic excursions or everyday errands, our PAK system is comprised of a full-sized backpack, mini backpack, waterproof wristlet (...spills happen) and insulated lunchbox (for those aforementioned snacks) that all attach together into one miraculously easy-to-carry bag. Don’t need everything everywhere all at once? Just unsnap what you need—and get going. 

It’s almost ridiculously functional, but stylish enough that you’ll never mistake it for a diaper bag. It’s made for planes, trains and automobiles…or just the daily school run.

Adventure awaits. PAK accordingly.